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Koala's Room

6 weeks - 2 years

Our soothing room for sleeping has glass windows around so that we can keep an eye on your child at all times and our low ratios and caring staff encourage a friendly and warm environment for learning and fun.
Our Koalas also enjoy time alone outside to explore as well as time with the older children, so that they can interact and learn with each other. This is also a great feature for those families who have multiple children in the centre as they get to spend time with one another.
Children will start to transition into the older room when they are around 18 months old and always at a pace that suits the individual needs of the child.

Kids Drawing

Kookaburras Room

A Perfect Fit

Children start to transition into the Kookaburras Room from around 18 months old and most children are fully transitioned by 2 years of age. 
This time of our life is all about exploring and with a ratio of 1:5 our caring staff are able to develop programs that follows the children's interests. 
At this age we are learning about our numbers, colours, shapes and many other every day occurrences, there is also a large amount of time left for child led learning. 
Our toddlers also spend a large amount of time outside when the weather permits so that they can explore and play with other children.
Our staff are also comfortable in toilet training your little ones and a great resource.

Drawing & Coloring


A Perfect Fit

This is the largest room of the Centre and dedicated staff run a challenging and exciting program for our 3-5 year old's. 
Our qualified staff encourage reading, counting and play based learning to develop the skills necessary for starting school.
Routine and group activities are highly valued at this age. With the ratio of 1:11 children are able to explore their freedom while still feeling safe and secure.

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